Effective Design:

Superior is committed to solving your below-grade waterproofing challenges and problems. We work with you to design the best waterproofing system for your building. Superior can help you avoid potential problems and future repair expenses by:

  • designing wall systems to minimize cracking
  • routing roof and surface waters to flow away from the structure
  • arranging for proper drainage of soils near the building
  • making the proper choice of waterproofing products


Poor drainage can lead to extensive damage due to unplanned and unnecessary pressure on your structure. Superior can eliminate these problems. We provide drainage fabrics, interior and exterior drain tile systems, and prefabricated drainage composites. You can depend on Superior to get the results you need in a drainage system.


Waterproofing solutions come in various forms to accommodate a multitude of needs:

  • cementitious systems
  • liquid-applied solvent systems
  • preheated liquid-applied solvent systems
  • fully-adhered sheet systems
  • loose-laid sheet systems
  • natural clay types

Superior knows which application your individual waterproofing project necessitates. Ask Superior which option is right for you.

Chemical Grouting:

Superior provides chemical grouting to stop water penetration, improve soil stabilization and aid in structural repair. Our chemical grouting services include:

  • Hydrophilic Polyurethene Foam for repairing concrete cracks and pipe penetration
  • Hydrophilic Polyurethene Gel for manhole grouting, soil stabilization and piping gaskets
  • Epoxy Injection for concrete structural repair

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