High Performance Coating

Unprotected concrete decks exposed to rainfall, freeze-thaw, carbonation and deicing salts will deteriorate. “Passive” protection will be destroyed possibly causing corrosion, spalls, cracks and leaks. The products we use offer a full range of elastomeric, crack-bridging, waterproofing solutions to protect concrete and plywood decks exposed to Heavy or light vehicular and pedestrian traffic. We also offer a large range of top coats in clear, standard and custom colors.


  • Single component system
  • Two component system
  • Elastomeric & flexible
  • Seamless & fully bonded
  • Abrasion & chemical resistant
  • Surface applied & sustainable
  • Embedded aggregate


  • Ease of application, no pot life restrictions
  • Low odor and fast turnaround
  • Excellent crack bridging even at low temperatures
  • Eliminates lateral water migration
  • Handles vehicle traffic & fluids including deicing salts
  • Easily applied and renewed
  • Slip resistant

WHERE TO USE – Multi-story parking garages; parking decks and ramps; foot bridges and walkways; mechanical rooms, stadiums and arenas; plaza and rooftop decks; balconies.