Concrete Restoration

Whether it’s a tunnel, a bridge or a concrete deck to a parking garage, continued exposure to the elements can have detrimental effects on a concrete structure. Superior is experienced in all areas of concrete restoration. We can clean, repair and apply the proper sealants to protect your concrete structure from future deterioration.


Concrete Cleaning:

The best repairs begin with cleaning the structure of atmospheric acids, dirt and salts, all of which can accelerate the deterioration of your concrete and adversely affect the steel reinforcement. In order to revitalize and improve your building’s appearance, Superior uses the following cleaning processes:

  • Acid Etching
  • Blast Tracking
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Degreasing
  • Water Blasting


Sealants & Expansion Joint Systems:

Concrete structures need expansion and control joints to facilitate movement. Unfortunately, these joints can be the source for problems such as water leakage and slab deterioration. Superior can help you prevent water leakage while maintaining the dynamic movement of your structure by applying the proper sealant and/or fabricated expansion joint systems.


Patching Overlays & Epoxy Injection:

Superior brings an experienced team to repair spalled or delaminated concrete. We offer a full line of specialty patch and overlay products to reconstruct concrete which has broken down into chips or layers, and can provide a complete overlay ranging from a 1/4″ to a 2″ top layer over the entire surface area. If your problem entails cracked concrete beams, slabs or walls, our epoxy injection system can provide structural reinforcement as well as waterproofing protection. This strengthening process will weld the area and restore structural integrity.


Concrete Sealants:

In order to prevent further deterioration, let Superior choose the appropriate concrete sealer which best fits your structure’s needs and conditions. Once the structure has been cleaned and repaired, the right sealer is an essential step as a barrier for protection from the elements and a safeguard against future repairs.