Architectural/ Parking/ Exterior Expansion Joint Systems

We over a variety of waterproof expansion joint systems with impact absorbing elastomeric concrete that bonds a heavy-duty aluminum frame with a bolt-down flange directly to the concrete deck. The protective slide plate cover is available in various metal types and thickness. A fabric reinforced rubber gutter provides secondary containment.



  • Continuous locking, secured rubber seal
  • Secondary rubber gutter
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame
  • Hard, elastic, abrasion resistant
  • Exceptionally durable
  • ADA compliant slide plate cover
  • Fire Barriers available


  • Secure
  • Added waterproofing protection
  • Integral with the concrete deck
  • Flexes with deck loads
  • Lasting
  • Pedestrian friendly walking surface
  • 2-4 hour fire protection ratings

Horizontal With or Without Blockouts

WHERE TO USE – Traffic bearing expansion joints in plaza decks, parking structures and Open-air structures exposed to extreme weather

Horizontal Seismic

WHERE TO USE – Traffic bearing expansion joints for parking structures with shallow concrete decks, stadiums and other open-air structures requiring seismic movement and heavy duty low profile loading bearing designs.



  • Conforms to irregular openings
  • 3-sided bonding on each side of seal
  • Extra thick to eliminate punctures
  • Watertight, dust-proof and soundproof
  • Resistant to UV, ozone, acid rain, wind driven rain and extreme temperatures
  • Non-flammable
  • 50% movement capability
  • Wide range of colors

WHERE TO USE – Used to seal vertical expansion joints that measure 1” or larger. Watertight seal in brick, block, concrete, EFIC, window-walls, metal panels etc.

Fire Barrier
WHERE TO USE – Fire resistive sealing system designed for sealing expansion joint openings in buildings, stadiums, parking structures and other structures exposed to exterior weather conditions.