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Superior Waterproofing and Restoration Company takes safety very seriously. All of our employees attend annual training in our shop for fire and hazardous material handling. They participate in audio screening, pulmonary function testing and a respirator fit test. Harnesses, lanyards and rope grabs are also inspected at this time. The majority of our employees have OSHA 10-hour and Sub “L” training. They have also been trained and qualified for any specialized equipment or products that we have used on our jobsites. And last, but not least, are the weekly “Toolbox Talks”!

We utilize various checklists such as pre-job analysis, tools and equipment inspections, job hazard analysis, and investigation reporting after incidents or accidents.

In January 2013 we installed a monitor in our warehouse where we run safety information around the clock with a new topic each week.

These are just some of the examples of the safe working environment found at Superior Waterproofing.

Superior Waterproofing Safety Statement

This Safety Statement is designed to help everyone achieve our company safety goal: To provide a safe and healthy workplace for all employees.

Be assured of my personal endorsement and active support of this company’s safety program. Our company’s intent is to work and comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements for General Industry and Standards for construction.

I charge all project managers, estimators and foremen to ensure that all safety policies are followed to the letter.

In our natural wish to do high quality work for our customers in a timely fashion, we must never lose sight of our commitment to safe production.

To reinforce our safety program, our training in safety will be an active and on going part of every employee's job. Not only do we declare safety our first priority, we are committed to helping you be safe in every way that we can.

We, of course, realize that our safety program and its supportive training can be no better than your personal commitment as an employee to our firm to "Safe Production".

Some people say that safety is everyone's job. When we say it, we mean it. Every employee should report every safety hazard to his supervisor until it is corrected. No employee is expected to work in unsafe conditions.

Thank you very much for your personal commitment to safety. Be assured that you have mine. “We must never be in such a hurry that we work in an unsafe manner”.