The Marquette Building

  • Project: The Marquette Building
  • Service: Historic Restorations, Masonry Restoration
  • Location: Downtown St. Louis
  • General Contractor: Alberici Living LLC
  • Developer: The Lawrence Group LLC
  • Start Date: May 2005
  • Completion Date: December 2006
  • Scope: Total Exterior Masonry Restoration
  • Detailed Scope:
    - Complete exterior cleaning
    - Removal and replacement of all deteriorated and failed mortar
    - Removal and replacement of all failed terra cotta
    - Replicated and replaced all terra cotta pieces with new
    - Brick repair and replacement
    - Epoxy pinning and stabilization
    - Replacement of all sealants
  • Summary of Job Performance:
    This was truly a great project. This project encompassed all most every aspect of masonry restoration. In particular the extensive rebuilding, replacement and restoring of terra cotta elements around the complete exterior.

    Superior brought this brought in on time and under budget.

    Superior would like to thank Pete Gass, and Jeff Gass along with all those involved from the Lawrence Group and Alberici Living for their trust and confidence in Superior Waterproofing.