St. Louis Public Schools

  • Project: St. Louis Public Schools
  • Service: Waterproofing, Masonry Restoration
  • Location: Oak Hill Elementary
  • General Contractor: Superior Waterproofing & Restoration Co., Inc.
  • Start Date: October 2004
  • Completion Date: April 2005
  • Scope: Exterior Foundation Waterproofing
  • Detailed Scope:
    - Excavate 400 l.f. building perimeter
    - Removal & replacement of asphalt and concrete
    - Gunite exterior foundation
    - Membrane waterproofing
    - Drainage panel and drain tile
    - Landscaping and sod
  • Summary of Job Performance:
    The building had a history of leaking and was fighting ongoing health issues with mold. Building is now watertight and safe for the students and faculty.

    Superior Waterproofing would like to thank Mr. Paul Upshaw and all St. Louis Public Schools involved parties for their commitment to providing a better environment for our city schools.

    Superior thanks Andy Benton and his crew for a great job through some adverse weather conditions. We would also like to thank our subcontractor, Tramar Excavating, for their huge part in the success of this project.