Saint Louis University Health Sciences Research Building

  • Project: Saint Louis University Health Sciences Research Building
  • Service: Air Barrier Systems
  • Location: 1100 South Grand, St. Louis, MO, 63104
  • General Contractor: Clayco
  • Start Date: 2006
  • Completion Date: 2007
  • Detailed Scope:
    - Application of Grace vapor permeable air and moisture barrier to the entire exterior skin of the building substrate.
    - This also includes the flashing of all window openings and other penetrations to ensure a continuous air and moisture barrier for the building envelope system.
    - Also included on this job were the exterior and interior silicone and urethane sealant applications.
    - In addition to this is the installation of the exterior and interior architectural joint systems required to make the building structure water tight.
    - The application of a 4 part urethane waterproofing coating to the grand and chateau water fountain. This includes surface preparation and penetration details.
  • Summary of Job Performance:
    A continuous monolithic vapor permeable air and moisture barrier skin system around the entire building envelope.
    A water tight building structure through the use of sealants and joint systems sealing the joints between dissimilar materials and voids.
    A water tight fountain with added aesthetic features that will prolong the life of the fountain and minimize future maintenance.

    Special Thanks: To the Clayco management staff & Saint Louis University for their dedication and cooperation in the building process resulting in a quality end product. In addition I would like to thank those from the Superior Team responsible for the job site management of theses various scopes of work that played a vital role in completing this job with quality we are accustomed to delivering; Charlie Morgan, Mike Murphy, Tom Meisemann, Josh Lurkins, and Jerome Lawrence.