Progress West Healthcare Center

  • Project: Progress West Healthcare Center
  • Service: Air Barrier Systems
  • Location: 2 Progress Point Parkway, O’Fallon, MO 63368
  • General Contractor: Paric Corporation
  • Start Date: 2005
  • Completion Date: 2006
  • Detailed Scope:
    - Application of Tremco Air and Moisture barrier system to the exterior skin system of the building envelope system.
    - This also includes the flashing of all openings, penetrations, and tie-ins with other envelope systems to ensure a continuous air and moisture barrier for the building envelope system.
    - The connection of the below grade waterproofing system to the air and moisture barrier above grade to ensure a weather prove transition between the varying systems.
  • Summary of Job Performance:
    A continuous monolithic air and moisture barrier skin system preventing moisture and air infiltration into the building enclosure. The flashing detail tie-ins ensure that the air and moisture barrier is continuous and does not allow for these critical areas to be subjected to exterior elements that may jeopardize the air barrier system effectiveness.

    Special Thanks: To the Paric management staff for their dedication and cooperation in the building process resulting in a quality end product. In addition I would like to thank those from the Superior Team responsible for the job site management of theses various scopes of work that played a vital role in completing this job with quality we are accustomed to delivering; Andy Benton, Mike Murphy.