Lumieré Casino & Luxury Hotel

  • Project: Lumieré Casino & Luxury Hotel
  • Service: Architectural/ Parking/ Exterior Expansion Joint Systems, High Performance Coating, Waterproofing
  • Location: 128 Carr Street, St. Louis, MO 63102
  • General Contractor: McCarthy
  • Start Date: 2006
  • Completion Date: 2007
  • Detailed Scope:
    - Application of Tremco traffic grade urethane waterproof coatings to parking garage slab structures.
    - The installation of the seismic rated 6” architectural expansion joint system located at the interior of the garage.
    - The waterproofing of all below grade foundation substrates including the casino water basin itself.
    - The waterproofing application of all planters, spas, pools, and fountains located on the project.
    - The installation of a colored quartz urethane coating system to a high traffic/ high profile terrace. This system was required due to the visual exposure the area was to receive.
    - The sealing of all precast panels with a penetrating clear sealer to serve as a waterproof barrier against future water damage and the discoloration and degradation associated with it.
    - The application of the Sika carbon fiber system to an exposed structural beam. This scope was performed to provide the beam with the load capacity it lost due to issues with this particular post tension slab.
  • Summary of Job Performance:
    A waterproof garage deck that will prolong the life of the parking garage and provide water tight areas that are to be occupied beneath the concrete slabs.

    A water tight architectural expansion joint system designed to span the 6 inch expansion joint that splits the parking structure in two. This expansion joint allows the garage to move independently of each other and maintains a surface that is acceptable to the constant wear of vehicle traffic.

    A water tight foundation substrate that provides for a dry interior structure for those areas located beneath the exterior grade line.

    A water tight terrace over occupied space that can withstand high levels of pedestrian traffic and at the same time offer an aesthetic appeal that is pleasing to the eye.

    The waterproofing of the various water features and planters offers reassurance to the owner in regards to the water tightness of the amenities deck and thusly resulting in a dry occupied space below.