Project Complete: Greystone Condominiums

April 2, 2004

Superior recently completed a restoration and waterproofing project for the Greystone Condominiums. We restored the plaza deck of the condominium, which was positioned above the parking garage. Thanks to the great cooperation of the owners and the union craftsmen of Superior, this project went very well.

In conjunction with the restoration of the plaza we discovered the limestone façade had been severely damaged to the point of collapse due to the long term leakage behind from the plaza above.

We proceeded to mark all pieces and photograph the stone for complete removal and replacement. Superior did not lose a single stone to destruction and was able to restore the façade to its original integrity.

Special thanks to the Association for the confidence you all have placed in Superior Waterproofing and Restoration Co., Inc.

Also, thank you to the people of Superior who managed and worked on this project. This project turned out to be a great success.

As published in the Superior internal newsletter, April 2004