Muny Opera: An Exceptional Piece of Work

August 2, 2004

Superior would like to extend a sincere thanks to The Muny Opera for the trust they have placed in our company for over twenty years. We appreciate their business and we value our relationship with their organization to the highest degree.

It was just recently that Superior finished an outstanding and extensive concrete and masonry restoration project for the Muny. They have decided to embrace a new outlook this year towards the overall maintenance and safety of the Muny and that is to get things done and done right. This will prevent further maintenance for years to come.

We restored all of the concrete pergolas by removing all deteriorated concrete projection and overhangs, replacing steel, forming and pouring new concrete to match the design and profiles of the previously existing concrete. There were no shortcuts nor were there any compromises to the look and integrity of the repairs. All work was completed to the best of our abilities with the intention to ensure safety, prevent future maintenance, and to provide an exceptional, quality piece of work. The patrons will never know exactly how much work went into this project, but they will know that it looks great and that it is safe.

Thank you to all the staff at the Muny Opera. A special thanks to Denny Reagan, Sean Smith, George Spies and David Cowell, also of the Muny Opera. Thanks also goes out to the superintendent for this job, Steve Schiele, and to the field personnel on this project.

As published in the Superior internal newsletter, August 2004