Customer Communication is Key

August 2, 2004

Everything that we do in business involves some form of communication whether it be simply a small note on a Post-it or a conference call extending clear across the nation. Communication is involved in a multitude of facets in every company. In the field of work that we do here at Superior, we believe that customer communication is of the utmost importance because without this communication, there is no relationship. There is no knowledge of what we can and do provide for our customers. This relationship that we have with our customers is very valuable to us.

We appreciate the time that we are allotted to spend with our customers on a chit chat basis, as opposed to being strictly business. It is this “chit chat” that allows our customers to get to know the type of people they are dealing with.

In today’s fast paced construction world, we sometimes race from bidding opportunity to bidding opportunity and miss out on some really nice projects and some really nice people because we do not take that extra fifteen or twenty minutes to communicate when given the chance. Superior is dedicated to spending time getting to know our customers and giving them the opportunity to know us. We value each and every one of our relationships with our customers.

As published in the Superior internal newsletter, August 2004