Cleaning Up Washington

August 2, 2005

Step by step, Washington Avenue is coming back to life. After many years of forgotten buildings and crumbling structures, the area is starting to see some greatly needed rehabilitation. It will take an amazing amount of time and hard work to really be able to see these changes.

Superior steps in to speed up this rehabilitation process in the city to keep it’s beauty and cleanliness. In particular, they worked on an 8-story warehouse that underwent major exterior masonry restoration, located at 1110 Washington Avenue.

There were many steps involved in this process of restoration. To begin, the building was deeply cleaned and 100% tuckpointed on three sides of the building. On the north elevation in particular, the building underwent terra cotta replacement and patching. Terra Cotta bands, coping and ornamental trim were all coated on the north elevation as well. In addition, 55 new openings were created in the masonry walls on the east and west elevations. All of this was completed to help restore the outer structure and appearance of the building. However, when working on buildings as old as the ones on Washington, restoration is not complete without interior renovation as well.

In conjunction with the masonry restoration, Superior produced extensive concrete repairs to the first level of the underground garage. This included concrete patching to the ceilings, joists, columns and the top side deck. The existing asphalt and waterproofing on the top deck was removed and a new waterproofing membrane was installed followed by a new asphalt overlay. The final outcome was remarkable and a true example of a “superior” waterproofing and restoration.

Thanks to the great line of communication between the general contractor (EM Harris Construction Co.) and Superior Waterproofing, this project went very well and was completed ahead of schedule.

Also, a special thanks to John Long, the foreman on site, and the rest of Superior’s men who worked on the project. They produced yet another excellent quality job.