Beware Silicosis, The NEW Asbestos

August 2, 2005

We would like all of our customers to know Superior Waterproofing is working very hard to stay ahead of the new Silicosis standards which are just around the corner for all contractors.

We want you to feel confident in our safety program. For the last six years we have used full face respirators for all of our grinding and chipping processes. Also, all employees receive full respiratory fit test and pulmonary function test annually. This has been costly both in equipment and time. By taking this initiative years ago, we are in compliance and ahead of the curve by OSHA standards.

Also our customers need to know we are incorporating more water into our grinding and chipping methods to minimize dusts and silica to the surrounding work site.

Unfortunately all of the above adds costs and time, but provides safety per OSHA standards to you the customer and your employees.

We will continue to work very hard to provide safe working conditions for our employees and yours.

As published in the Superior internal newsletter, August 2005