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St. Louis’ Old Cathedral Renovations

RENOVATIONS – Workers repairing and replacing damaged stone at Old Cathedral ST. LOUIS • On high catwalks shrouded in a wrap of brown screen, workers are using jackhammers and chain saws to replace and patch the crumbling limestone of the … Continued

Superior’s Website Gets a ‘New’ Look

Superior Waterproofing employees, under the leadership of Stephen Schmitt, worked side by side with Matchbox Design Group to design and publish our ‘new’ website. Matchbox was very innovative and dedicated to the team effort and everyone was pleased with the … Continued

Bottling Plant Gets Facelift at Anheuser Busch

Workers from Superior Waterproofing and Restoration ride a lift to repair mortar on the exterior of the Bevo bottling plant at Anheuser Busch on Monday, Oct. 15, 2012. The iconic building is home of the Budwesier neon sign and figures of ‘Renard the Fox’, the mascot of A-B’s non-alcoholic malt beverage ‘Bevo’, sold during prohibition. Photo by Robert Cohen.

Restoration of an American Treasure

For decades, the historic Orpheum Theater in St. Louis saw heavy use when it was known as the American Theater. Rock concerts, Broadway shows and other attractions constantly packed the 1917 masterpiece.

An American First – 100% AWPT Trained

The Robert A. Young Building in St. Louis, MO, locally referred to as “RAY,” is 20 stories high, but it hit even greater heights recently when it became the first project in the U.S. to be designated “100% AWPT-trained.” AWPT … Continued

The Importance of Training and Accreditation

56 Operators, employed by Superior Waterproofing, on the Robert A Young Federal Building in St. Louis, MO, were the first recipients of IPAF’s new “Operator Card” for mast climbers. American Lift & Handlers Magazine, August 2010


What appeared to be a dark blob lit up by numerous glowing pods on a recent weeknight was actually the Robert A. Young Federal Building (RAY) in St. Louis, MO with 16 lit-up mast climbing platforms working at night.