An American First – 100% AWPT Trained

September 29, 2010

The Robert A. Young Building in St. Louis, MO, locally referred to as “RAY,” is 20 stories high, but it hit even greater heights recently when it became the first project in the U.S. to be designated “100% AWPT-trained.” AWPT (American Work Platform Training) is the North American subsidiary of IPAF that manages the training program in that market.

As a testament to the progress AWPT is making in the U.S. in improving awareness, quality and training standards, the project was planned by AWPT-trained personnel from access specialist Goedecke, the MCWPs themselves were erected by AWPT installers, the training was carried out by an AWPT instructor, Bobby Reese from Mastclimbers, LLC in Atlanta, and 56 employees of contractor Superior Waterproofing were trained as the first MCWP operators to hold an AWPT PAL card.